Producing Videos to Promote Your Business Online

Video Production

Video Age is South Florida’s premier video and marketing agency. Our innovative team specializes in creating high quality, effective and affordable video content for all of your business needs including TV advertising, YouTube pre-roll ads, explainer videos, Instagram and promotional advertising.

We manage every aspect of video production from creative concept development, storyboarding, scriptwriting, casting and shooting. We provide a variety of solutions to match your production needs and budget.

Video on your website is not just a nice thing to have anymore, it’s a must!

Company videos, whether viewed on websites, YouTube or Instagram, have become critical in persuading potential clients. Video is often the only thing audiences take interest in and has become the most efficient way to make your message widely visible and is often the only thing audiences take an interest in.


YouTube Ads

Deliver your message to the right people with YouTube video ads. It is a great way to target your audience by gender, age and even location. Your ads can drive video shares, new channel subscriptions and create opportunities to communicate with your customers. YouTube advertising offers much more flexibility, control, reach and cost effectiveness as compared to traditional TV ads.

Product Video Short / Promotional Instagram Ads

There is a new trend making the rounds: short promotional videos. The idea behind a short promo video is that it tells your audience why they should love your product, yet it is not aggressively marketing its product to you. Best of all, a short promotional video can convey a message faster where audiences are moving quickly between online content and social media platforms. We can create longer video segments, corporate videos, new client training videos, conferences, professional development,  video ads for TV and edit smaller versions to promote your product via social media.

Corporate Video

Creating videos for your business is an essential part of your overall online marketing strategy. The corporate video is not only a great tool that introduces your product but a great way to introduce your company, staff and overall vision to your client base. A professional corporate video makes a great first impression and has become an essential part of every business website.

Explainer Video

Explainer videos are short online marketing videos used to explain your company’s product or service. Explainer videos, often placed on a landing page, your website’s home page, or a prominent product page, have become extremely popular.